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    Hugo Romeu, MD, was born in Cuba, the son of a prominent and successful dentist and a CPA. In 1960, the family left behind a comfortable life to relocate to Chicago in order to escape the Castro regime's cruelty. Hugo Romeu attended the best elementary schools and graduated from Loyola Academy High School. He traveled extensively and studied at Chicago's Loyola University and Rome, Italy. As part of his medical education, he completed post-graduate work at the State University of New York and residencies at SUNY, St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee, and the Cook County Medical Examiners Office.

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    Hugo Romeu MD served in the United States Army after graduating from the Ross University School of Medicine in 1980 as a member of the school's first graduating class, providing medical care at a hospital in Germany. Dr. Romeu returned to civilian life as the Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for various hospitals and other facilities around the world. Dr. Romeu, a lifelong learner, also completed a Post Graduate Year 4 in the Cook County Medical Examiners Office's Forensic Pathology Residency Program. He has over 40 years of experience in a variety of medical fields, including molecular pathology and forensic pathology.


    Dr. Romeu now focuses on developing diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. He is currently the managing partner of Romeu Clinical Enterprises, doing business as RCE Group USA in Miami, Florida, and has over 600 completed research trials to his credit. Dr. Romeu oversees a team of professionals in pathology, dermatology, clinical research, and other cutting-edge fields. Dr. Romeu redirected the majority of the company's resources during the pandemic to aid in the fight against COVID 19 through research into testing, diagnostics, and treatment. He also created a series of educational YouTube videos to help educate the public.


    Hugo Romeu MD is proud of his company's contributions to the community of South Florida. RCE is a Certified Community Health Center that offers a variety of services to underserved communities. Primary healthcare, research, and health education are all part of the organization's diverse medical model. RCE Group USA has a 25-year track record of success since its founding by Romeu's great grandfather and mother. The family business model is still in place, as Dr. Romeu's daughter now works for the company.

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